Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ijtiba - This is God’s bounty; He gives to whom He likes

Ijtiba is the way of God’s selection, and is a matter completely of His grace. A great many people have reached the goal by this way. The prophets have all followed the way of ijtiba; their companions have also reached the goal by the same way and by following in their footsteps.

The devotions of the people of ijtiba are in fact a thanksgiving on reaching the goal. The Prophet (SAW) was asked as to why he exerted so much in devotion, when all his shortcomings, past as well as future, had been forgiven by God. He replied: Should I not be thankful to the Lord!

The path of ijtiba is the path in which we are transported. In this path we are carried swiftly, and brought to the farthest end.

My sheikh used to say: We people live on God’s grace. And to be sure, if we did not have God’s grace, we would not have started from where others end. This is God’s bounty, He gives to whom He likes, and He is the Lord of great bounties.

Thanks a lot!

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