Monday, February 18, 2008

Freedom and Justice for All

Found this Q&A post on ELECTION & REFORM and related message. It covers a direction we have been wrestling with lately. Sheikh thought it would be a good idea to post here.

daripada David:

If the general election were to be held today, are the oppositions capable to win enough seats to form a majority government? This is because in recent months, we had seen a general feeling of dissatisfaction on many issues towards the current administration, but is that enough to woo voters to have this huge swing towards oppositions?

If the oppositions do form the government, what sort of system will the administration embrace? Apart from PAS which is fighting to form their Islamic state, PKR and DAP generally embrace a non-communal political system. Is Malaysian ready for such new system after living under race-based system for 50 years? Is the oppositions really different from BN, since we have DAP catering for the Chinese and Indians, whereas PKR and PAS cater for mainly malay voters, the eventual outcome will be the same as race-based and communal system?

We are confident, with your support, to deny BN’s two third majority and will endeavor to achieve a simple majority.
KeADILan is multiracial party, working together with DAP and PAS on a clear reform agenda - freedom and justice for all.
Please do not be deluded by an incessant BN propaganda about PAS!

Thanks a lot!

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