Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anwar Factor clearly influences the timing of the polls

Anwar says early Malaysian election 'shameful': Leading Malaysian opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim said Wednesday it was "shameful" that the government was holding snap elections before he is allowed to stand for office.

"It is unprecedented that you would call elections after three and half years with a more than two-thirds majority. The only reason you can give is to deny me an opportunity to participate in the elections," Anwar told reporters in Hong Kong.

"It is shameful that Prime Minister Abdullah would choose to call the elections (now)," Anwar added at a press conference organised by the Asian Human Rights Commission. MORE HERE, in his own words here

Anwar’s party condemns Malaysia polls timing: Malaysian political dissident Anwar Ibrahim's party on Wednesday condemned the government's decision to hold snap polls before he is eligible to stand for office in April.

"I think this is clearly the reason why the government is in such a rush to have elections at such short notice," said Tian Chua, information chief of Anwar's Keadilan party.

"Whatever the government says about Anwar not being a factor in setting the election date... that is clearly not true as the announcement today shows," Tian told a press conference. MORE HERE

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COMMENT BY NST: They (the opposition) have always predicted and even claimed to be prepared for a snap election. But when Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the dissolution of the parliament yesterday, the opposition was caught off-guard.

Badawi pooh-poohs Anwar’s charges: 'Forgotten' Anwar no longer a factor - "Forget Anwar Ibrahim. He is nothing." That was the straight reply from Umno president and Barisan Nasional chairperson Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when asked if BN would have had a daunting prospect of facing PKR's de facto leader in the coming elections.

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Abdullah jangan sombong kepada Anwar: Sekiranya Abdullah berhajat untuk mempertahankan dirinya maka beliau memerlukan seseorang pada ketika itu. Satu-satu orang yang boleh diajak untuk menjadi benteng kepadanya ialah Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar masih relevan untuk dijadikan rakan kongsi atau pun cagaran untuk Abdullah mempertahankan dirinya daripada serangan hendap oleh pihak Najib.

ANTARA KITA: Anwar Ibrahim masih dalam ingatan rakyat dan masih relevan - Badawi cannot dismiss Anwar Ibrahim as a non factor in the 2008 elections. This election is very much about Anwar Ibrahim, his ideas and vision for Malaysia. Specifically, it will be about corruption, abuse of power, the mismanagement of the Malaysian economy, public safety and personal security, and the leadership of our country. Although he cannot stand for elections until the end of April, 2008, Anwar has been vigoriously campaigning against the Badawi-led administration.

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  1. Pilihanraya awal… Anwar sepatutnya gembira: Umum telah mengetahui bahawa Anwar mempunyai ‘Plan B’ untuk mecapai cita-citanya menjadi pemimpin nombor satu negara ini. Kaedahnya bukan rahsia lagi: Dengan ‘kekuatan Trojan’ itu beliau atau partinya akan mengusulkan mengenai pemilihan Perdana Menteri yang baru. Peraturan Dewan menyebut, Perdana Menteri akan dipilih di kalangan Ahli Parlimen yang mendapat sokongan 2/3. Peraturan itu tidak pula menyebut sokongan 2/3 mesti datang dari satu atau mana-mana parti. “Kelonggaran’ inilah yang dikatakan dinanti-nantikan oleh Anwar...