Sunday, April 27, 2008

people's pact: PKR, DAP and PAS plan to formalise cooperation, hold national convention on April 27

PKR, DAP and PAS plan to formalise cooperation [PETALING JAYA, TUES, April 1 2008] - Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP and PAS today [April 1, 2008 –ed.] agreed to consolidate the cooperation between the three parties and proposed their alliance be called the “Pakatan Rakyat” (People’s Pact).
PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang, PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang, PKR president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had all agreed that the move to formalise the alliance be brought back to their respective parties for approval.“The name will be adopted once all the three parties give the green light,” he told reporters after holding a meeting for the purpose with the heads of the three opposition parties at the PKR’s headquarters here. He said down the road a leadership council would be formed for the pact to give it “teeth”.Anwar said once the pact was formalised, he would only chair its meetings but would not lead it. He also said that the three parties would be holding a national convention on April 27 to help increase understanding and cooperation among their members of parliament and state assemblymen. However, he said the venue for it had yet to be determined.
Asked about the possibility of crises erupting in the states ruled by the alliance of the three parties, he said it would not happen easily as all the three parties had the interests of the people foremost. “Small and petty issues won’t rattle the alliance. For me what happened in Perak was a very small misunderstanding which has been amicably resolved,” he said referring to Buntong assemblyman A.Sivasubramaniam wanting to quit the DAP yesterday but withdrawing his intention a few hours later.
Abdul Hadi said Islam would not be a major issue in the states controlled by the alliance. “Don’t make Islam an issue because the religion calls for tolerance in all matters and also serves as an invaluable guideline in politics,” he said.
Lim Kit Siang nodded in agreement. Lim said the alliance learnt a lot from the mistakes they made when they formed the Barisan Alternatif previously but with the Pakatan Rakyat, the future was bright for them (PKR, DAP and PAS). – BERNAMA

April 24, 2008 : Pakatan event postponed – no convention but banquet on Monday evening

KUALA LUMPUR: The much-awaited Pakatan Rakyat convention has been postponed.
Originally slated for Sunday, it has been put on hold until "we can get everyone together at the same time".
That was the reason given by PKR deputy president Professor Dr Syed Husin Ali when contacted by the New Straits Times.
"No one is boycotting anything," he said, adding there would be a dinner for the coalition parliamentarians on Monday evening.
But there have been rumblings on DAP's side that the initial planning for the convention was haphazard. DAP chairman Karpal Singh, seemed confounded about the gathering for 400 Pakatan reps and leaders to discuss common goals and parliamentary strategies.
"Oh, was there supposed to be a convention?"

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