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justice4all: Anwar wants Dr M’s blood?

Black 14: Anwar Asks PM To Conduct Open Investigation On Dr M – bernamaApril 19: Kenapa Sukar Memohon Maaf? -anwaribrahimblog
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Anwar, Demokrasi, Isu Semasa and Mahkamah

Ada di kalangan saudara/i pantas memberikan reaksi terhadap kenyataan PM Abdullah mengenai krisis badan kehakiman. Ada beberapa persoalan yang berbangkit yang harus dihalusi.

Pertama: sanggahan kita terhadap rasuah dan hakim yang diperalatkan sang penguasa kini terjawab. Apakah jurucakap Umno dapat akui kezaliman berdekad tersebut?

Kedua: kalangan yang bertanggungjawab daripada pimpinan politik, hakim dan peguam negara harus diumumkan. Mereka perlu menuntut maaf terbuka.

Ketiga: berkaitan dengan pengumuman PM tersebut, Dato Najib mengulas menafikan bahawa Kerajaan menuntut maaf. Ajaib! Apa muslihat Najib, dan mengapa harus berselindung lagi?

Keempat: menyusul kenyataan tersebut, apa pula kesudahannya dengan orang-orang yang dizalimi oleh sistem perundangan yang dijadikan alat?

Walhasil, meskipun PM Abdullah kelihatan mengakui kesilapan lalu, namun kenyataannya masih terbatas, tidak menuntut maaf dan seolah-olah memelihara penzalim dan tidak bersedia membela kalangan yang dizalimi.

Inshaallah, langkah susulan mampu dikendali kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.


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"All these people want blood. I don't want that. I just want for us to move on, to restore confidence in the judiciary. The repair work has to be done; we need to look at reforms to mitigate pressure from outside forces and on the appointment and promotion of capable judges. Times have changed. We need to revitalise our institutions, judiciary, the courts, legal service, police and parliament," he said.

Full text of PM's speech - SPEECH BY DATUK SERI ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI, PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA, AT THE MALAYSIAN BAR COUNCIL DINNER ON APRIL 17, 2008:"DELIVERING JUSTICE, RENEWING TRUST" An amazing night when many miracles took place - Pak Lah's humble tone reached out to them and helped make a bitter pill a little easier to swallow. He said he wouldn't apologise, and didn't but the effort and courage it took him to get to where he was last night spoke volumes what he could not speak baldly in words. As Zaid Ibrahim, the minister in the prime minister's office who had first mooted for a public apology from the government, put it: “(One) can say sorry in other ways.”

aan - I see in one single instant the different parts of speech – noun, verb and harf – all one as speech. I see the munsarif one with the ghayr munsarif, and mabni one with the mu’rab. And yet speech which includes all the different parts is not at all connected with any of them, and is independent of them all. Everything past or future is available in that instant.

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