Monday, March 17, 2008

meritocracy: i’m taking my path to my lord

why do you wonder at the achievements of non-being! this marvelous structure of the world has been erected on its foundations. think of the mighty power of god; he has created the entire world out of nothing, and revealed the perfections of being through their opposites.

the merit of non-being lies in making perfect manifestation possible. the ideal forms of divine names reside in the abode of non-being, sit in its arms and lie on its bed. he is blind who does not realize that there is an open road from appearance to reality and from shadows to the original essence. this is a reminder. if you like you may take the path to your lord.

let not the words like mind and imagination confuse you, and let not the achievements and the prospects of non-being appear impossible to you. whatever is, it is not outside the mind or imagination. but there is a difference between one imagination and the other imagination.

the world is in one domain of imagination, and the creations of fancy are in another domain of imagination. the former is something real and can even be said to exist out there; whereas the latter does not partake in reality and has no permanence and stability.

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