Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clinton Victories Ensure Democratic Presidential Race Will Go On

Democrat Hillary Clinton pumped new life into her presidential campaign Tuesday with decisive primary wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. Rival Barack Obama continues to lead in the delegate count, but Clinton's victories mean that the battle for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination will go on for weeks, if not months. VOA national correspondent Jim Malone reports from Washington.

Hillary Clinton told U.S. television networks that her three victories Tuesday back up her claim that experience makes her the stronger Democratic candidate for president.

"Voters are finally focused on who they think would be the best commander in chief and who would be the best president to turn this economy around," said Clinton.

Clinton appeared on NBC's Today program, as did rival Barack Obama.

Obama won only one of the four primary contests on Tuesday, finishing first in Vermont.

Despite Clinton's victories, Obama noted that he maintains his lead in delegates and remains on track to win the party nomination.

"The bottom line is that we are in a very strong position," said Obama. "Senator Clinton barely dented the delegate count Tuesday. We are going on to Mississippi and Wyoming where we feel confident that we can do well, and this process is ultimately going to be about who has got the most delegates and we think we will be in that position. MORE HERE

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