Saturday, March 22, 2008

living in god: he is on a borrowed garment - he wills, god willing

he believes that the world exists out there and is a creation of god, and whatever excellence or goodness it has, is also created by god.

he considers himself nothing more than empty form which, too, proceeds from god. he is so lost in the ocean of nothingness so that he forgets the world and forgets himself.

he is like a naked man who has put on a borrowed garment and is aware of the fact that the garment is borrowed. he is so overwhelmed by his awareness so that he hands over the garment to its owner and finds himself completely naked.

if this man is brought from the state of self-forgetfulness and ecstasy to the state of self-consciousness and sobriety and graced with living in god after the experience of passing away from the self, he would find that the garment is on him but he would know for certain that it belongs to someone else.

now the passing away from the self has become a matter of knowledge, and the attachment he had with the garment is completely gone.

his passing away from the self is now complete, consequently his living in god is more perfect as i will, god willing, shortly explains. at this stage he attains the real passing away and receives the illumination of the essence and absorbs its infinite radiations.

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