Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Of course, Anwar Ibrahim."

An AFP reporter at the Penanti polling station where Anwar cast his ballot said that voting got under way peacefully, with good weather expected to increase turnout in a boost for the opposition leader.
Hundreds of his supporters shouted the opposition battle cry of "Reformasi" (reform) as Anwar walked out of the polling station here.
A group of three women in traditional Malay outfits and Muslim headscarves walked out of the voting centre smiling. Asked who they voted for, they said: "Of course, Anwar Ibrahim."
"Our grandparents, parents are all friends of Anwar's parents and grandparents, so we know all these allegations against him are untrue," said 42-year-old housewife Siti Ismail.

AFP’s full report via MSN Malaysia: Malaysia's Anwar tips victory in a critical by-election set to return him to parliament

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