Monday, September 1, 2008

Coca-Cola Joins Islamic Caliphate

"The Coca Cola bottling company will be displaying the same symbol that appears on the flag of every Islamic country in the world.
Coca-Cola celebrates with its consumers the joy of sharing, togetherness and acceptance throughout Ramadan. Coca-Cola consumers will feed orphans everyday during the holy month of Ramadan.
Muslims throughout the Muslim world celebrate the advent of Ramadan, that holy month of giving and sharing, and the important spiritual occasion for Muslims throughout the world. In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships not only between family members, but also between all categories of the society.
Coca-Cola, in line with its social responsibility programs, is organizing a creative marketing campaign during the holy month of Ramadan for the benefit of “Insan” (Charity Committee for Orphans Care). The campaign will provide Coca-Cola consumers a unique opportunity to provide care to orphans during the blessed month of Ramadan. 10 % of Coca-Cola sold products (2.25L, 1.75L and 1L) carrying the campaign theme will go to “Insan”. Campaign proceeds will be dedicated to provide meals allowance to orphans during Ramadan.
“Insan” (Charity Committee for Orphans Care) is an organization that seeks to provide care and support to orphans. Insan receives support from all categories of the society, and is under the auspices of Prince Faisal ben Salman ben Abdul Aziz. Throughout the campaign, 10% of Coca-cola products purchased by Ramadan fasters will go to Insan to provide meals to orphans everyday during the holy month of Ramadan.
Expressing his appreciation to Coca-cola initiative, Prince Faisal ben Salman said, "Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola initiative to dedicate part of its sales returns for the orphans in Riyadh area is an obvious indication of the Company's interest to serve its community. We are proud with Coca-cola initiative and expect more from them."
Mr. Amer Ahmed Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca-Cola Export ‎Corporation‎ said: "Coca-cola believes that contributing to social events an essential part of its strategies. We have already participated in several important events throughout Coca-cola history in the Kingdom, specially that Coca-cola product have become an important element of the Saudi beverages."
"Coca-cola commitment to the Saudi community is not limited to this initiative. Instead, it is an ongoing and long-term commitment. We have several plans to extend support to Insan and other charity organizations in the Kingdom," Amer Ahmed added.
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"The company has now become part of the Khilafah and will be providing prayer rugs for all of its employees.
"Allahuuuuu Akbaaaaar COKE!" takbir Point Rider Republican.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
Fasting is one of the obligatory functions of the faith, next only to the prescribed 5 times a day prayers, in importance. It trains the Muslims to guard themselves against evil as well as conditions them to suffer physical affliction and exercise self control in the defence of faith and the faithful.
“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you, as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may guard against evil.” [2:al-Baqarah:183]
Fasting is a means of restraining and controlling the nafs, so that contentment and all the other blessings of this great discipline may be experienced. The fasting of the ordinary man is to withhold only from food and drink. The fasting of the pious man is to curb sensory desires, to refrain from looking at the unlawful, hearing the harmful, and thinking about the distasteful, or about what stimulates the lower nature. The fasting of a true believer is to seal the heart from paying any attention to other-than-Allah (ghayrallah), and safeguard himself with thorough awareness of the Divine laws.
Fasting, although not as perfectly regulated and decisive as in Islam, was prescribed for the followers of the previous Prophets also, and was also in vogue, in varying forms, in different parts of the world. Among the Jews it was done in times of sorrow and affliction. Among the Hindus in India, fasting is undertaken as a penance or to achieve spiritual power. The Sabians were also prescribed fasting for one full month and the object of fasting among them was almost identical to Islamic fasting.
The month of Ramadhan al-Mubarak is that in which the complete Qur’an was revealed to the Holy Prophet (saw) in the night of Qadr (Qadr:1,Dukhan:3). Thereafter he was intimated to deliver it gradually to the people as and when Allah (swt) deemed it suitable.
“Ramadhan is the month in which was sent down the Qur'an, as a guide to mankind and clear proofs of the guidance and the criterion of right and wrong.” [2:al-Baqarah:185]
All schools of Islam agree that the whole Quran was sent to bayt ul-makmur and thereafter it was revealed to the Holy Prophet (saw) on suitable occasions during a period of 23 years. Bayt ul-makmur is said to be the celestial counterpart of the holy Ka’bah. It is an allegorical term used for the heart of the Holy Prophet (saw).
The Qur’an is a guidance to mankind, and the Holy Prophet (according to Nisa:9, A’raf:158, Anbiya:107) had been sent as a Messenger to all mankind; therefore, Islam is a universal religion. According to Matthew 15: 4 Prophet Jesus (as) had said: "I was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and to them alone."
Takbiir!.. Al-Laahu Akbar!

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