Wednesday, September 24, 2008

‘O ye who believe! Turn to Allah with sincere turning.’

The oft-forgiving Lord (swt) invites us to turn to Him with sincere repentance so that He may bestow His grace on us and forgive our sins.

The Holy Prophet (saw) said: "A sincere repentant never sins again as the milk drawn from the breast never can go back to its source."

Imam Ali (kwj) said: "A sincere repentant (i) is ashamed of his past sins, (ii) takes up the duties overlooked and fulfils them, (iii) makes good the willfully ignored conditions of a trust managed by him, (iv) forgives those who provoke him, (v) does not demand repayment of loans from those who are in financial distress, (vi) makes firm determination not to sin ever again, (vii) surrenders his self to the adoration, devotion and service of Allah when it had swelled to the point of exploding due to inordinate consumption of worldly pleasures, transgression and disobedience."

Sincere repentance implies giving up and discontinuing of evil in thought and action with a firm determination not to repeat it ever again. If it is done then Allah (swt) will efface our past sins and admit us to the eternal land of bliss and happiness, Sa’adah.

So, we can expect this kind of Sa’adah to happen on the 27th night’s, Lailatul Qadr:

Our Light will run forward before us and on our right hands, while we say, “Our Lord! Perfect our Light for us, and grant us Forgiveness: for Thou hast power over all things.”

Our greeting will be: "Good news for you this day! Gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein ye are immortal. This is indeed the highest Achievement!"

We shall say: "Praise be to Allah, who hath revealed this truth to us; we would not have got it had He not shown it to us. Verily, the messengers of our Lord have come down with truth."

And we shall hear the cry: "Behold! The Garden before you! Ye have been made its inheritors, for your deeds of righteousness."

Now, we have made our object clear, so let us draw back upon the reins, try and see what is behind the curtains.

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