Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nah!.. Kerajaan Juboq, Makan Keliling: ‘Instead of managing the economy, they're managing people's private parts’ – the 6th PM

KLH director: We didn’t force Anwar to strip naked

In response to Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur director Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain's statement today that Anwar was not asked to strip during his medical examination on the night of his arrest, the former deputy prime minister insisted that there were specific instructions that doctors had followed including an "examination of private parts front and back" and that he refused only to have his nude photo and DNA sample taken.
"If ministers want to fitnah (slander), they should not ask their officers to do it for them," he said when addressing the denial of his undressing by the hospital's director.
PM: No role for Musa, Abdul Gani in sodomy probe

"It's already been three weeks … they'd have done whatever they wanted to by now. If they are truly not involved, there would be no case to begin with," Anwar said of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's assurance that the Inspector-General of Police Musa “Tilam” Hassan and the Attorney-General, Gani 'em'Patail would not be involved in the probe.
Anwar had accused both of fabricating evidence in his black eye assault case in 1998, adding Musa "Tilam" Hassan also brought in a mattress for the first sodomy case in 1999.

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