Saturday, January 19, 2008

The eye did not swerve, nor did it go wrong

Tajalliyat whether they occur in the guise of forms and figures or under the veils of lights and colors, happens in walayat, particularly in its early stages. Nubuwat, on the other hand, meets the real directly w/out encountering illuminations and appearances which are the shadows of the real.

Similarly, in traversing the stages of the prophetic path, we do not get tajalliyat, but when we come to the prophetic way thru the saintly way, we receive them. This happens, however, due to walayat rather than due to traversing the path of nubuwat.

In short, illuminations and appearances signify shadow, and one who has renounced the love of shadows is liberated from tajalliyat. We can look for the truth of ‘the eye did not swerve, nor did it go wronghere, and here, and here...

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