Monday, December 31, 2007

Only the Khilafah will end colonialist exploitation

The current development in Pakistan calls for a total change in the entire socio-political fabric and the establishment of Islamic system of social justice is urgently needed. This can only be achieved by launching a mass movement and by staking and sacrificing all that the aspirants of Islamic revival have got at their disposal. The system of politico-socio-economic justice can be summed up as the system of Caliphate and about which the thinker and visualizer of Pakistan said:

This in fact was the real purpose of establishing Pakistan and only this can ensure her existence and stability. It is because of deviation from this very cause that the Muslim nation of Pakistan got divided into different regional, ethnic and linguistic nationalities. Thus breaking our vow with Allah and on account of our disloyalty, divine punishment whipped us. Even now if we do not move towards the real objective of Pakistan, divine punishment could whip us again any time and would whip us more severely. Hence for the defence of Pakistan while it is also imperative that we strengthen our defence forces and procure, as much as we can, all kinds of weaponry and armament and do not abandon our atomic program, as well as sign formal defence pacts with friendly countries, especially China, and continue efforts for reconciliation and understanding with India, Pakistan’s real defence, however depends on our introducing and establishing in the country the system of Caliphate in its totality so as to qualify for Allah’s help and protection as Ayah 38 of Surah Al-Hajj says “verily God will defend those who believe”

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