Sunday, October 19, 2008

‘Correct, Correct, Correct team’ in action?

You are all smooth talk and rhetoric. Our house is in ruins. You turn around and around in circles without moving from your spot, as if you were the camel at the mill. Perhaps you have been cursed by one of the saints of Allah.

The eyes of your perceptive faculty have gone blind. You have neglected Allah (swt), so He has let you get lost way along the path. The eye of your intention (niyyat) was one firmly fixed on the road to destination, then your concerns (himmah) multiplied and the wings of your intention ceased to fly, so you were left as a lump of flesh between this world and the next. Now, you need a champion of the truth -- as-sadiq, to pray for you after the reemergence of this legacy ultra force.

Beware! that things do not produce effects by themselves; fire does not burn because of its nature – tabi‘eyyah, nor does water irrigate because of its natural inclination. The fire of Namrod did not burn Abraham (as). Al-Khawlani (ra) was not burned when he was cast into the fire. The salamander is not burned by fire --- so understand.

cetusan-hati : ada ekor, baru cam kepala

thesaurus: pretender (n.) aspirant, leader of the opposition, aspiring leader, candidate, opponent, claimant.

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